The Carbon Risk Journey

Understanding and managing Carbon Risk can feel daunting - with new metrics, scenarios and terminology being created every day.  Publicly available data on carbon emissions is woefully incomplete and most tools are limited in scope and capability. No matter where you are on your Carbon Risk journey - EcoSmart Labs can help.


Start with the basics - instant TCFD metrics

Instantly calculate core TCFD statistics across your portfolios and individual holdings. Get a better understanding of relative performance and emissions hotspots which require further investigation.

The TCFD Metrics along with the TCFD LogoThe TCFD Metrics along with the TCFD Logo


Add financially-focused metrics

Carbon Spread (bps): Quantify the hidden risk of carbon emissions within a portfolio.

Carbon Risk Adjusted Earnings (CRAE) Score: Understand which holdings are contributing more than their fair share of emissions in a chosen portfolio.


Run NGFS climate scenarios - or create your own

What does a $400/tCO2e carbon tax mean for your portfolio? Or how will your performance differ under a 2050 vs 2070 Net Zero path?

Understand how your risk evolves under NGFS climate scenarios for emissions and carbon prices.

Self reported emissions, modeled emissions and potential missing emissions.  A tile highlighted showing the potential missing emissions


Identify hidden outliers

How likely is it that holding from a notoriously high-polluting industry is outperforming green firms in low-carbon verticals?

Our unique market-blindness indicators help you understand where self-reported emissions may be worth questioning.


Adjust weightings and holdings in a fund to understand the Carbon impact

Instantly see the carbon risk impact of changes in your portfolio. Add or remove holdings or adjust weightings and see the risk impact today and into the future.

Product screenshot showing key carbon risk metrics within an investment portfolio.
A screenshot showing a summery of the users portfolio


Construct low Carbon and Carbon netural funds from the ground up

Design portfolios with your target level of carbon risk.  Understand how different sectors perform as well as different companies within the same sector.


Hedge Carbon risk or go carbon neutral with verified offsets

Understand risk, adjust your portfolio, and act to manage remaining carbon risk by adding carbon offsets to your long-term holdings.

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Get started on your carbon journey today.